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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Casting By Nikolai de Vera For The Fashionisto!

Casting photos for The Fashionisto by Nikolai de Vera include Colt Moldanado (above) and Chris Petersen:

as well as these last two of Eden Classens!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simon Nessman For GQ Style Germany!

Soul Artist Management model Simon Nessman for GQ Style Germany!

Simon Nessman For Vogue Hommes International!

Soul Artist Management model Simon Nessman photographed by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue Hommes International!

Cory Bond For Neiman Marcus!

Soul Artist Management model Cory Bond for Neiman Marcus, photographed by Thomas Schenck!

CJ Forst By Shammer Khan!

Soul Artist Management model CJ Forst photographed by Shammer Khan!

Max Silberman By Sean P Watters!

Photographer Sean P Watters presents these amazing shots of Soul Artist Management model Max Silberman!

Max before styling, etc:

More Mark By Sam Scott Schiavo!

Photographer Sam Scott Schiavo presents us with more of Wam model Mark!

DCNU Superboy!

The new Superboy debuted this week. According to writer Scott Lobdell, who is also taking on the company's Teen Titans relaunch, this is more or less the same Superboy who was Conner Kent, somehow captive of a Government organization dubbed N.O.W.H.E.R.E. (as if any Big Gov group would name itself that creepily). In the above page, Caitlin Fairchild, a 'Supergirl' of sorts back when Wildstorm was a separate publisher, but here a scientist or lab assistant, subtly warns Superboy of his impending doom, to which he reacts negatively.
Time in a tube will apparently do that to you. Superboy doesn't remain free for long, but his termination is put on hold, and we are privy to his attempted reprogramming, including time spent on a fantasy farm in Kansas:
These aren't Superboy's memories of life as Conner on the Kent Farm (which couldn't have happened due to the Superman reboot killing off the Kents before Superboy was created) but somehow related to Clark Kent's DNA being used to create Superboy. DNA shouldn't work that way, but in the new DCU Kryptonians are meant to be much more alien than they were previously. 
  Eventually the Government has a new job for Superboy, and it not too surprisingly involves Lobdell's other title:

To be continued, obviously. Art is by R.B.Silva.
I actually liked Superboy's internal monologue here, and the tie-in with Teen Titans is better served by having the same writer than in the Conner Kent days. The current run of Action is giving us a Superman who is more like Conner was, so that aspect is already present in the new DCU. Meantime, Cartoon Network's 'Young Justice' returns this evening with a new episode, and at least in that format Conner Kent lives on!

More Ryan Vigilant By Greg Vaughan!

More Ryan Vigilant photographed by Greg Vaughan!

Harry Goodwins For GQ Germany!

Bananas model Harry Goodwins photographed by Bruno Staub for GQ Germany!

More Andre Ziehe For 2(X0Ist!

Andre Ziehe continues to be the face and body of 2(X)ist!

Harry Tucker For Gant By Michael Bastian!

Harry Tucker for Gant By Michael Bastian!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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