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Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Marlon Teixeira By Andrea Vecchiato!

A relaxing Marlon Teixeira is a highlight of the rest of the most recent collaboration between the model and photographer Andrea Vecchiato!

Francisco Escobar At Request!

New at Request is the handsome Francisco Escobar!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Marlon Teixeira By Andrea Vecchiato!

Image Hosted by
First image of a shoot with photographer Andrea Vecchiato and model Marlon Teixeira from Made In Brazil!

Alessandro Di Giulio by Kosmas Pavlos!

Wiener model Alessandro Di Giulio photographed by Kosmas Pavlos!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nous Model Brett Kallio!

Nous model Brett Kallio!

Mario Making Of Don Gil Video!

Wiener model Mario Loncarski in the making of video for Don Gil SS 2011!

Kevin Keller Covers!

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Archie Comics' Dan Parent draws the cover for Kevin Keller #1, to debut in June! He also did the following cover, possibly part of the limited series?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

California Dreaming!

In 'California Dreaming' for Telegraph magazine Kerry Degman, Christopher Brown, Seijo Imazaki and Eric P. are photographed by Dan Martensen and styled by Clare Richardson.(Source:The Fashionisto)

Superboy Tackles Doomsday!

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Issue 6 of Superboy starts off well enough, with writer Jeff Lemire portraying Conner(Superboy)Kent and Tim(Red Robin)Drake having a talk atop Titans Tower.
Image Hosted by
It's a great couple of pages of character development/exploration, followed by Simon Valentine to Ivy University and a meet up with Ray(Atom)Palmer, one of the DCU's top scientists. It's downhill from there, though, as I predicted when the 'Return of Doomsday' tie-ins were announced, with Conner facing the monster that 'killed' Superman:
Image Hosted by
I haven't read every Super-book, but I don't recall Conner ever meeting Doomsday before, so how could he be stronger than Conner remembered?
Image Hosted by
Conner struggles bravely, but watching the kid get pummeled page after page is not my idea of a good story. It's a mismatch (much as the previous issue's race with Kid Flash was)in that Conner's power levels are not nearly those of the fully Kryptonian Superman's or Supergirl's, and neither of them have proven capable of beating the creature.
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And then there's the fact that Mr. Lemire seems to have forgotten that Conner DIED bot long ago, and should not be as certain that the good guys always win. In other panels Conner wonders what Superman felt like before he died. Conner, of all people, would have some idea!
The story is 'to be continued' in Action Comics, the cover for which was recently previewed. Thankfully, Mr.Lemire can get back to regular stories next issue, as this crossover was no doubt forced upon him. Can't say I'm a fan of the artist on this one either. Marco Rudy did an okay job on the first two pages, but the action scenes were a murky mess. I enjoy Pier Gallo's work, and feel that Conner's been lucky to be drawn by Mr. Gallo in this book and Nicola Scott in Teen Titans.

Marvel Chrises Cover USA Weekend!

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Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, scheduled to play Marvel characters Captain America and Thor, respectively, in two of the summer's anticipated films, share the cover of the summer movie preview issue of USA Weekend!

Luã Mayer By Michael Epps!

Luã Mayer at Ford photographed by Michael Epps. (Source:Labs Daily)

Dorian Suli!

Dorian Suli of the Dominican Republic is represented by Ossygeno Model Management.(

Misa Patinszki by Eli Schmidt!

Misa Patinszki, Jordan Coulter, Tim Boot, and Philipp Kharabarin photographed by Eli Schmidt!(Source:Labs Daily)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gavin Dunne By Mike Lewis!

Elmer Olsen model Gavin Dunne is photographed by Mike Lewis for Fantasticsmag!

Mario Loncarski Polaroids!

Soul Artist Management polaroids of Mario Loncarski!

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