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Friday, August 07, 2009

I love cool landscaping! In keeping with my previous blog entry about Obamacare,and adding an image from this week's Wednesday Comics, let me present Supergirl by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, as she revels in healthcare choice, something opposed by Obama's own Miss Information, Linda Douglas:

Also, this week, some chemistry lessons from Rex and Urania, otherwise known as Metamorpho, the Element Man, and Element Girl, by Mike well as some negativity from some chefs I swear I must have worked with at some point:

And, since it's the weekend, Click Model Jarrett Moreland:

Slap happy Karen Miracle is obviously upset that Mr. Osteen's opposition to Obamacare might curtail the miraculous weight loss promised by the Messiah. The NERVE of people questioning their Big Government Masters! It's pretty amusing when one recalls the glee with which the media reported every Code Pink protest during the previous administration, and contrasts that with the media's horror and suspicion when citizenry without matching t-shirts upset the media's chosen representatives. In all fairness, though, Obama and his cronies were duly elected (except for Al Franken), and they were NOT stealth candidates, who promised one thing and then delivered another. Candidate Obama promised change, bemoaned the United States' status and history, and vowed to redistribute wealth. He's doing all that. If the electorate either didn't listen to what he was saying or didn't believe him, that is NOT his fault. Still, it's fun to watch.

With all the Liings in the news recently, I briefly thought that President Clinton had rescued a couple of pandas from North Korea! Turned out that they were human females, which explains Clinton's interest, and journalists at that! Working for some station that Al Gore started! Like the Internet! Apparently, Al didn't have the time to make the trip, and Secretary of State must be the same two-fer that the Presidency was for the Clintons, since Hillary had no active role in this. Still, all's well that ends well. Kim Jong Il got a photo op, Bill got some attention, and the Ling sisters were reunited. Afterward, I'm told Lisa Ling's sister whined about her treatment as a prisoner, to which Lisa replied "You think YOU had it bad? I had to sit next to Joy Behar!"

Burn Notice had a GREAT finale this week! I already miss it! All the characters and the actors who portray them are terrific! Thankfully, Leverage, True Blood, and The Closer continue.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So, after getting the new computer set up, the last thing I expected was to have to deal with water damage! I thought MY air conditioning was leaking water, and it turned out that it was my neighbor upstairs! Still, lots of things had to be moved, and wires especially shouldn't be on potentially wet carpet. The more you know....
I was HOOKED on Sims 2 for along time, and the loss of files from the old computer were most stinging where that game was concerned. All the items I had customized were/are gone, and they were pretty cool if I do say so myself. But, new computer, new era, new version of the game! Couldn't resist checking out Sims 3, especially as accumulating custom content would be immensely difficult, recreating my own would be a huge effort, and EA is no longer creating expansion packs nor devoting any effort toward the game. The new game is amazing on a number of levels, not the least of which is opening up the 'world' to a Sim! You can actually travel around the neighborhood with your Sim, as opposed to the previous game, where a new location involved loading a new screen and just inserting your Sim into the new situation. Pretty cool. Still much to explore.
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