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Saturday, May 05, 2012

So The Phantom Stranger Is...Judas?!

For Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics provided a look at their all-ages titles and 'The New 52', which featured a look at possibly the new lineup for the Justice League, including a revival of the breakdancing hero known as Vibe (!), as well as another look at Pandora, the character who has made one-panel appearances in all of DC's post-reboot #1 issues. It's within Pandora's story that we get a look at her history, and that of her fellow 'Sinners', including a guy who appears to be Judas Iscariot:
 White hair, no pupils...
I liked the pre-boot treatment of The Stranger, where his origins were never pinned down. The third guy appears to possibly be the New Universe's version of The Question, and that's the SHAZAM symbol on the floor, so I was right about the ties between the concepts!

Josh Truesdell In Miami!

Josh Truesdell in Miami photographed by Rick Day!

Digital Josh Truesdell!

Digitals of Nous model Josh Truesdell!

Steven Chevrin By Cecilie Harris!

Nevs model Steven Chevrin photographed by Cecilie Harris for 'Boys By Girls'!

Free Comic Book Day!

Hey, it's Cinco De Mayo! But, more importantly, as the first Saturday in May, it's also Free Comic Book Day! If there's a Comic Book Shop near you, check out the free promotional titles available from the various publishers! Above is DC Comics' customizable cover for their 'New 52' offering, as seen on Bleeding Cool!

SEE The Avengers!

DEFINITELY see the new 'Avengers' movie! Admittedly, I'm a geek and predisposed to like these sorts of films, but this was just REALLY good! Action-packed, but with good character moments and a bit of humor, it was Joss Whedon at his best! The cast did well, and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce(Hulk)Banner was a great addition! Verily, it was Hemsworthy!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Jay Byars For International Jock!

Jay Byars models a variety of styles for International Jock!

Paul Joscher For Vanity Teen!

Paul Joscher photographed by Justin Violini for Vanity Teen!

Charlie Wood By Leonardo Corredor!

It's a Chosen day here at Idle, and here's Chosen model Charlie Wood photographed by Leonardo Corredor!

Chad Buchanan Interviewed At MetroVelvet!

Not to be outdone, Chosen model Chad Buchanan is interviewed by MetroVelvet here!

Adam Miller Interviewed At MetroVelvet!

Check out MetroVelvet's interview with Chosen model Adam Miller here!

Anthony Greenfield By Leonardo Corredor!

Major model Anthony Greenfield photographed by Leonardo Corredor!

Adam Senn For Suite Blanco!

Adam Senn for Suite Blanco! (Source:The Fashion Spot)

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