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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Everything's Kevin At Archie Comics!

The variant cover for Kevin Keller #1, due out next month, is a play on the classic 'Everything's Archie' title, and features Kevin as a member of The Archies back when they were releasing such hits as 'Sugar, Sugar'. Also in January:
the big 'Kevin gets married' issue of Life With Archie cover! Archie and his wives oversee the union of Kevin and his caregiver, with the usual suspects in the background. 
Kevin Keller turns out to be bi-

-monthly, as his second issue isn't due until March. One can assume that the 'Special Prom Issue' means that whomever Kevin is 'very bad at dating' in issue #1 will accompany Kev to the Prom, and there will be a lesson about tolerance as Kevin and beau are cheered, while Archie's future wives vie for his attention, and a dateless Jughead spikes the punch. 
Continuing the theme from issue #1's variant cover, #2 provides yet another retro take:
Y'know, if Kevin continues to be a big hit for the Archie line, I would really get a kick out of a retro title being published as well. That's some fun stuff for them to play around with.

Ryan McPartlin In Chuck, Season 5, Episode 6!

Ryan McPartlin plays Devon Woodcomb, the brother-in-law to the title character on NBC's 'Chuck'. An almost too-perfect medical doctor, Devon is affectionately referred to by Chuck as 'Captain Awesome'. In last night's episode, Devon and his wife, Ellie, Chuck's sister, are mistaken for Chuck and his wife, Sarah, actual spies, and have to improvise their way out of their own predicament while rescuing Chuck.

Festive Austin Victoria!

MensUnderwearStore utilizes model Austin Victoria to promote their seasonal styles!

Striker Comes Out!

Brandon(Striker)Sharpe reveals his sexual identity in issue 23 of Avengers Academy by Christos Gage and Tom Raney!
Striker hasn't been one of the most interesting characters in the book, but once the 'reveal' was made, it was fairly obvious that Gage had been laying the groundwork for this from the beginning, which is an excellent way to write any character. Kudos to him and to Marvel!

Joost Van Der Hulst For Siviglia!

Joost Van Der Hulst for Siviglia S/S 2011. (Source The Fashion Spot)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Marlon Teixeira in A/X Shoot Day Video!

The videos for Armani Exchange's Holiday Campaign continue with 'Shoot Day' featuring, among others, model Marlon Teixeira!

Tomas Skoloudik By Jeremy Kost!

Outtakes from a shoot by Jeremy Kost photographing Tomas Skoloudik for Japan Society Benefit from this past Spring.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Fall Of Flamebird!

Following her 'firing' by Kate(Batwoman)Kane last issue, Bette(Flamebird)Kane takes on some street-level criminals in Batwoman #4, by JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman, before facing a bigger menace.
Bette handles herself reasonably well at first:
Things take a turn for the worst, however, with the guy's scythe hand gutting the heroine:
Bette is found still barely alive by DEO agents who have been investigating the Bats in Gotham:
Cameron Chase decides to use Bette to ferret out the secret identity of a bigger target:
A sad end for a long running character, whose actual history in the universe will have to be revealed post mortem, if at all. (But, then, death is rarely permanent in comics.)
 Batwoman herself appears in the issue, of course. Sex scenes between she and Maggie Sawyer are co-mingled with Bette's final moments, and Kate does some investigating in costume, but by the end of this month's issue, she's unaware of Bette's fate.

Superboy Vs Christmas!

In Superboy #4, by Scott Lobdell and RB Silva, the title guy (who doesn't have a name other than 'Superboy' in the new Universe) gets his freedom from Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E., after finding out that they cannot ascertain where his DNA came from, other than half being Kryptonian (the likely donor Superman). Whether they're telling the kid the truth remains to be seen. Superboy's first taste of freedom is not as wonderful as he had expected:
After playing 'Grinch' with the carolers, Superboy happens upon Rockefeller Plaza (or the DCU equivalent):
and plays 'Scrooge' once again:
The kid finds a shred of humanity within when he encounters a couple of true monsters:
Capturing the duo, Superboy has a change of heart about the Project and willingly becomes their operative, which may be what they had in mind all along.

Batgirl #4!

Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf bring the first story arc featuring Mirror to a satisfying conclusion with issue #4 of Batgirl! After 3 issues of telling us how smart Barbara(Batgirl)Gordon is, there's actually some evidence of that in how she sets up their final (hopefully) encounter.
  Unfortunately, the elephant in the room for the entire series is back full force this issue with Barbara suffering 'survivor's guilt' dreams where she reflects a vocal readership faction's lament that she is no longer confined to a wheelchair. (I'm not quite sure that survivor's guilt works the way it's presented, but I'll go with the writer's choice here, as it addresses a fan contingent she wishes to appease. Ms. Simone has revealed in interviews how Babara regained her mobility, and there's a hint of that here, but not a full explanation (Not that any explanation is going to go over with certain fans, which is why if they were going to reboot the DCU, why not have this be a universe where 'The Killing Joke' did not happen?)  While I have no problem with a crippled woman regaining the use of her legs in a universe where a previous Robin who was actually dead is running around fighting bad guys, I do think that the circumstances of Barbara's shooting should not be forgotten by the character, and Ms. Simone has failed to show that Barbara has learned anything from the incident. Here's Barbara opening the door to the Joker in 'The Killing Joke':
Now, you'd think that Barbara would be a bit security-conscious after that? At the very least, cautious about flinging the door open to any Tom, Dick (other than Grayson), or Joker! Much less move in with a roommate whom she has never met before! But, no! Instead, we get this:

I realize that it's difficult to build up a quirky supporting cast if your main character is a recluse, but there are ways to go about it that don't make the character appear to be an idiot. Ms. Simone almost got to the 'big reveal' about the roommate this issue, but it was interrupted. It'll probably be a sexuality thing which Ms. Simone obviously hopes will obscure the fact that she that shouldn't be there in the first place.As for the door opening, Ms. Simone spent 3 pages on Barbara's nightmare at the beginning of the issue which could just as easily been spent at the end showing what Babs was going through psychologically just to open the front door, allowing the writer to touch on all the points made in the nightmare sequence, while also having Babs act in a way that makes sense given her history.

Josh Kloss For American Crew!

Josh Kloss in a video by Shaun Conrad for American Crew!

Josh Truesdell By Rick Day!

Nous model Josh Truesdell photographed by Rick Day!

Carlos Freire By Teodoro Jr!

Carlos Freire photographed by Teodoro Jr! (Source:Brazil Male Models)

Sam Lawson By Cecilie Harris & India Hobson!

Sam Lawson for 'Boys By Girls' photographed by Cecilie Harris & India Hobson!(Source:The Fashionisto)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Anthony Greenfield By Vincent Dilio:FIXED!

Major model Anthony Greenfield photographed by Vincent Dilio for Instinct magazine! (New, larger pics from Major!)

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