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Friday, June 03, 2011

Josh Kloss For Details:The Body!

Josh Kloss demonstrates some of how to keep in shape for the summer in this month's Details 'The Body' section, photographed by Eric Ray Davidson! (Click to enlarge)

Mario Loncarski By Joachim Haslinger!

Wiener model Mario Loncarski photographed by Joachim Haslinger and styled by Barbara Zach,Angelika Pohl,and Thomas Orsolis for Die Presse magazine!

Mitch King For GQ Australia!

Chic model Mitch King is photographed by Adrian Meško and styled by Wayne Gross for GQ Australia! (Source:The Fashionisto)

Eric Singler By Scott Hoover!

Photographer Scott Hoover shoots Nous model Eric Singler!

Digital Erik Sage!

Digitals of Nous model Erik Sage!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Erik Soderbergh By Bell Soto!

Erik Soderbergh photographed by Bell Soto and featured by Bruce Weber in VMan magazine!

Things Get Stranger In Smallville In Superboy #8!

Image Hosted by
The Phantom Stranger returns to Smallville in Superboy #8, as does Conner(Superboy)Kent, who was previously kidnapped by Doomsday. The Stranger is instrumental in gathering Conner's allies, Psionic Lad and Simon Valentine, while Conner himself (and Krypto) are told a story about Smallville's past by Mr. Lynch:
Image Hosted by
Seems that back in the 1800s sheriff Nate Kent and his deputy, Albert Valentine, went up against Eben Took and his family, cultists who were seemingly killed in a fire that engulfed their property when a confrontation got out of hand. Mr. Lynch divulges that the 'broken silo' several characters have alluded to in the series is located at the old Took compound before being possessed seemongly by the Phantom Stranger:
Image Hosted by
Stranger Lynch gives his warnings and promptly passes out, as do the rest of Smallville's populace, except for Simon, Conner, and Psionic Lad, who uses his powers to protect the three of them. Simon discovers that it's the Luthors' home that currently exists where the Took compound had been, which means that the 'broken silo' is there and that Lori is probably in trouble, and the guys take off:
Image Hosted by
They're met at the Luthor property by the Phantom Stranger:
Image Hosted by
who leads them underground:
Image Hosted by
where things really get weird! Good issue by Jeff Lemire and a returning Pier Gallo! Too bad about the side trip Doomsday tie-in, as it really messed with the momentum of the series, but that's the pitfall of modern comics, which rely heavily on crossover 'events'. I hate to think what the big changes at DC Comics following 'Flashpoint' have in store for this book, and Conner in general, considering that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee have interviewed about having Superman be younger in the future. Would Conner be de-aged? Deleted? I guess time will tell. To be continued...

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Marlon Teixeira By Terry Richardson!

Marlon Teixeira photographed by Terry Richardson!

Rob Evans By Omar Macchiavelli!

Rob Evans photographed by Omar Macchiavelli in 'Flow' for Schön Magazine! (

Armani Exchange Travel Day Video!

Caleb Halstead and Julian Schratter travel to the location for the Summer campaign shoot for Armani Exchange in the 'Travel Day' video!

More Josh Kloss For Impetus!

More of Red model Josh Kloss for Impetus! (Source: the soon-to-be-closing Modelhommes)

Bryce Thompson For GQ Style!

Bryce Thompson photographed by Justin Polkey for GQ Style!(Source:Kult Models)

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