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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter Holiday! I'm heading to the mountains until Monday! Thanks for following or just checking in on the Blog!

Rob Wilson By Scott Hoover!

Nous model Rob Wilson by photographer Scott Hoover!

Power Boy Tested!

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In the latest Adventure Comics (issue 52) featuring the Legion Academy, Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez wrap up the main story as the recruits are rescued by a fellow Academy member, while a slightly more interesting test goes on in the B-plot, wherein longtime Academy students Jed(Power Boy)Rikane and Tayla(Lamprey)Skott are tested in animal control.
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Years ago, in Legion Of Super-Heroes #304, Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen put Power Boy through almost the exact same test. He performs better this time around.
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But still with less than stellar reviews.
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Sadly, it looks as if Jed and Tayla may not wind up on the main team after all.
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Both characters have powers which are duplicated by current Legionnaires, but they've been at this for so long you sort of want them to succeed regardless. I guess it's up in the air now as to whether they'll leave the Academy or not. Rumor has it that a new feature might be taking over Adventure soon, so this focus on the Academy may be short-lived. I'm more bummed out by the potential loss of Phil Jimenez art on a monthly basis however.

Making Of N2N Summer 2011 Part 2!

N2N Bodywear posted the second part of the 'making of' videos for the Summer 2011 collection featuring models Filip Gustavsson and Arthur Keller!

Friday, April 22, 2011

James Elliott By Sophie Kinachtouk!

James Elliott in 'greaser' and 'soc' looks inspired by 'The Outsiders', photographed by Sophie Kinachtouk for Fantasticsmag!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Armani Exchange Summer 2011 Sneak Peek!

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Armani Exchange is exchanging its current cast for a fresh crew of models for the Summer 2011 campaign! Called 'Style Splash, and photographed by mainstay Matthew Scrivens, the campaign features Julian Schratter,Idle fave Caleb Halstead, Antonio Navas, Charlotte Carter-Allen, and Paola Rehmeier! Can't wait!

Superboy In Teen Titans #94!

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Last issue the Teen Titans were called to Pakistan by Cassie(Wonder Girl)Sandsmark's mother, to investigate missing fellow archaeologists, who happened to be the parents of new Titan Solstice, whereupon the team was attacked by demons and Wonder Girl kidnapped. In issue 94 by J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott, new (and old) team leader Tim(Red Robin)Drake looks for clues as Conner(Superboy)Kent and Bart(Kid Flash)Allen look on. Tim figures out that Cassie, her mother, and Solstice's parents are in a mythical realm that Raven can take them to:
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Solstice had mentioned a heroic figure in a retelling of an old myth, and Rose(Ravager)Wilson thinks it might have referred to Conner:
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As expected, the Titans are attacked:
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and in the aftermath Tim and Rose have gone missing:
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While Tim remains lost, Rose is replaced by a shape-shifting demon, and found by Conner:
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This probably won't go well.

More Mario Loncarski By Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz!

Yesterday we got a look at the cover of Style Up Your Life featuring Wiener model Mario Loncarski photographed by Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz. Today, the interior shots produced by Adi Weiss, with styling by Michaela Scheurer and Hair & Make Up by Manuela Schrabauer.

Digital Degman Two!

It's the return of Digital Kerry Degman! Last time was when he was with Major. This time with Soul Artist Management. I believe he had soul the entire time.

David Webster In Brazil!

David Webster models Rufskin new styles in Brazil for the latest campaign!

Jason Boyce By Greg Vaughan!

Nous model Jason Boyce photographed by Greg Vaughan!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mario Loncarski Covers Style Up Your Life!

Wiener model Mario Loncarski covers Style Up Your Life magazine, photographed by Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz!

Shawn Grieco For Rufskin!

Rufskin unveils new swimwear for 2011, and Shawn Grieco models!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boxing With Chris Fawcett!

Chris Fawcett goes a few rounds for Anson's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign L.A.Boxing, showing off his versatility!

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