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Friday, October 16, 2009

It is REALLY getting cold out! I'm enjoying it to an extent, as I was able to run last night with a jacket and knit cap, and it was great not to feel major heat, but I think the novelty could wear off soon enough! In keeping with the temperature change, here are some more cooler weather fashions from Ralph Lauren Rugby as worn by Idle fave Kerry Degman:

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Back in the day DC realized that they could double the readership already enjoyed by their two top properties Batman and Superman by teaming them and showcasing that team in a comic, thus creating the 'World's Finest" team, which appeared (originally with Robin, the Boy Wonder) for many years in World's Finest Comics.
Because the Silver Age Superboy was, in fact, Superman as a boy, any teaming up of the junior versions of the World's Finest team would have to wait until the creation of current Superboy, Conner Kent (aka Kon-El), and the third Robin, Tim Drake, which has been a fairly consistent team through several specials, Young Justice, and Teen Titans. Originally, Superboy had no Kryptonian links, and was thus not as powerful as Superman, and Tim Drake was not as tragic nor as driven as Batman. They had a fun and lighthearted friendship. Personal losses would affect both characters over time, but writers tend to recall their initial bond, and it's probably one of the best friendships in comics.

Tim now calls himself "Red Robin", and he reunites with Conner in Adventure #3. It's very good.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scenes From The Sims 3: First in a series! While I love the vistas in the game (not to mention the 'moodlet' Sims get when enjoying such a vista!), and the overall feel of the game, the occasional positioning of Sims in 'dramatic' moments cracks me up!
This week my excursion into comics took me to Smallville and Gotham City! Stephanie Brown, once the Spoiler, a girl who took on a costumed crime fighting identity to counteract the career of her criminal father, small-time Batman Rogues Gallery member Cluemaster, and who was briefly the fourth Robin, officially debuts her "Batgirl" costume, becoming the third or fourth one of those, depending on how one counts the previous versions:

Conner Kent, Superboy, continues to impress as he moves toward no longer having a book of his own, in this scene with superdog Krypto:

Speaking of impressive, here's model Adam Merseal by Dan Skinner, a skillfull photographer with a great body of work and some interesting ideas! Hope to be able to post more of both of them in the future!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo, here's Travis Hanson, from Major Models. Two contrasting shoots. We have an 'everyday' type shoot by Weston Wells (Source:Major Models Blog):

and a 'high fashion' shoot by by Eric Martin, in the latest issue of Metro.POP.(Source:The Fashionisto):
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDoes Senatrix Olympia Snowe comprehend that her vote has to do with OUR healthcare and that she's not juggling potential prom dates? Perhaps she's hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize? I think I saw one on EBay.If having exactly one pseudo-Republican onboard makes a Bill bipartisan, I have to wonder what defines bisexuality? Because I wonder about stuff like that.
Saw this great editorial posted at Morphosis, featuring Dan Cameron, shot by Javier MorĂ¡n For Spanish magazine Tendencias. The editorial is entitled "Johnny Rockets", which makes me hungry for a cheeseburger and fries, and a shake!

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