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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Charlie Matthews By Joseph Sinclair For Risbel Magazine!

Charlie Matthews for Risbel Magazine by Joseph Sinclair, with Styling by Luke Funtecha; Grooming by Eddie Groom.(Source: covermenmag)

Chase Carpenter by Phil Limprasertwong for Victor Magazine!

Chase Carpenter  photographed by Phil Limprasertwong for Victor Magazine!

Nick Scherner @ New York Models!

Nick Scherner from his portfolio at New York Models!


Preview of shoot with Greg Jones:
Brent Chua Castings:

Luka Mulec By Lisa Lankes For Vulkan Magazine!

Luka Mulec at Iconic Management by Lisa Lankes, with styling by Jennifer Mertens, and hair & makeup by Franziska Wilke, for Vulkan Magazine!

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